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[ENG] Klucze i wartości w Radiancie (dla SP)

// syntax:
// float floatVar
// int intVar
// string stringVar

vector origin
vector angles

float script_wait // Used on patrol nodes to make patrollers wait the specified amount before continuing>>>>>>> 1.58
float script_additive_delay // Additive delay is the # of seconds extra a flood_spawner will wait for each additional spawning. Defaults to 1 second.
float script_delay // Used as a substitute for delay_min/max.
float script_delay_min // Minimum time for a guy to spawn, if this is on an mg42 then its minimum time between bursts
float script_delay_max // Maximum time for a guy to spawn, if this is on an mg42 then its maximum time between bursts
float script_burst_min // Put on an mg42, min time of a burst
float script_burst_max // Put on an mg42, max time of a burst
float script_turret_reuse_min // Minimum time before a new AI will use this turret.
float script_turret_reuse_max // Maximum time before a new AI will use this turret.
float delay
float script_prespawn_delay // A flood spawner will wait this long before the guy spawns
float script_accuracy
float script_accuracyStationaryMod
float script_suppression // Suppression wait for this AI
float script_firefxdelay // repetition rate on a firefx for exploders
float script_firefxtimeout // Amount of time before a looping effect fades out
float height
float script_falldirection // Used to specify the direction a treeburst tree trunk falls towards
float script_timeout
float script_timescale // used to set timescale in credits

int script_repeat // # of times an effect in an exploder will repeat
int script_health
int script_health_easy
int script_ignoreme // If this setting exists on a spawner this guy will have his .ignoreme set to true
int script_fxstart // Identifies effects so they can be turned on by grouping with a trigger
int script_fxstop // Identifies effects so they can be turned off by grouping with a trigger
int script_delete
int script_increment
int script_patroller
int script_offtime // Number of milliseconds before guys get off a flak when you hit the off-trigger, defaults to 20000
int script_offradius // Guys get off a flak if a player gets this close to a flak after hitting the off-trigger, default 350
int script_autosave
string script_autosavename
int count
int script_timer // Timeout for friendly_chat
int script_delayed_playerseek
int script_triggered_playerseek //group a trigger and an ai with this and he the grouped ai will do playerseek behaviour when the trigger is hit
int script_playerseek
int script_seekgoal
int radius
int script_start
int script_radius // Sets an AI's starting goal radius. On an exploder this sets the radius damage's radius.
int script_followmin
int script_followmax
int script_startinghealth
int script_fallback
int script_grenades
int script_fightdist // Spawners will spawn with this fightdist (allows LD to change how aggresively they attack distant targets)
int script_maxdist // Spawners will spawn with this maxdist (allows LD to change how far down their path AI will look for enemies)
int script_moveoverride // Spawners with this will go to their (targetted) node before fighting.
int script_killspawner // When you go through a trigger with this on it, any spawners that have the same # will be deleted.
string script_emptyspawner // When you go through a trigger with this on it, any spawners that have the same # will have their count set to 0.
int script_mg42auto // When you hit this trigger any grouped mg42s will go into auto mode and clear target.
int script_turret
int script_min_friendlies // The minimum # of friendlies required to be at a friendly_Chat trigger for the sequence to play.
int script_requires_player
int script_sightrange
int spawnflags
int script_fallback_group // Makes stray spawned guys part of bigger falling back movements.
int script_vehiclegroup // links a vehicle to its spawners
int script_exploder // Grouping things that explode
int script_balcony // current mechanism for flagging an actor to test for balcony death
int export
int script_mg42 // Group AI with a node that targets an mg42 and the AI will keep the gun in use.
int script_plane // Specifies which plane set this is, so they can all be started together.
int script_explode // Tells a plane to explode with this exploder.
int script_speed // tank speed to go when battling an enemy tank
int dontdropweapon // If set, the AI will not drop a weapon when he dies
int dontdrawoncompass // If set, the AI will not be drawn on the player's compass. Only matters for friendlies
int script_noDeathMessage // If set, this AI won't play a death message.
int script_order // Preston: Used in ship to set suggested order bombs should be planted and radars destroyed. Determines next objective pointed to.
int script_usemg42 // If set to false, a friendly will not use be told by friendly_mg42 triggers to use an mg42.
int script_pacifist // Set ai to pacifist
int script_parachutegroup // Pathfinder parachuters
int script_damage // Damage of radius damage on an exploder
int script_idnumber // Generic identifier
int script_dawnville_fast // Remove guys for dawnville on min spec
int script_fixbasepose // Certain guys are being base pose for some reason so this triggers a script fix for them.
int script_shots // used for tank triggers - specifies number of shots a tank will shoot at the selected target
int script_stoptoshoot // used for tanks, setting this to greater than zero will make a tank stop before firing it's main cannon
int script_shoottanks // used for auto flak88s
int script_shootAI // used for auto flak88s
int script_startingposition // used for riders of vehicles to manually designate riding postions (also used for walkers)
int script_turretmg
int script_mg42portable //
int script_bcdialog // used with dialogue_thread() to stop reactivation of battlechatter for specific characters
int script_forcegrenade // Set to 1 to enable AI to throw as many grenades as they want rather than extremely rarely.
int script_deathchain // Used with nonlinear friendly chains
int script_baseoffire // Set to true to make an escorting friendly not rejoin this friendlychain
int script_goalvolume // groups guys so they use a goalvolume
int script_oldCorner // 1 for old corner animations
int script_stack // for walls where friendlies hang out
int script_nofriendlywave // disables tracking of this ai for friendly_wave's
int script_forcegoal // forces an AI to use the goal radius of the node they target, rather than switch to 2000 (for flood_and_secure spawners)
int script_disconnectpaths // makes exploder script_brushes connectpaths when hidden and disconnect when shown. could be used to disable cover nodes.
int script_autotarget // Makes an mg42 that targets script origins shoot at the origins when the operator has no enemy
int script_manualtarget // Makes an mg42 that targets script origins shoot at the origins all the time
int script_nowall // make AI play a special set of corner animations that dont require a wall
int script_longdeath // set to 0 disable long death animations like lying on the ground and shooting
int script_displaceable // makes an AI able to change his goal radius from animscript.
int script_grenadespeed // used for setting magic grenade launch speeds on script origins
int script_maxspawn // used on flood spawn trigger to regulate the max number of ai

string target
string targetname
string groupname
string name
string script_objective
string script_friendname
string script_noteworthy // Used to get a string for scripted sequences mainly.
string script_noteworthy2 // Extra info when targetname and noteworthy are used up
string script_path // Z: probably not used currently
string script_uniquename
string script_chain // Identifies a friendly chain so you can turn it off with chain_on/chain_off.
string script_triggername // Z: used for elevators in the dam
string script_kill_chain // On triggering, this trigger will disable chains with a script_chain value equal to the trigger's script_kill_chain value
string script_hint
string script_fxcommand // What to do with the effect
string script_fxid // The id of the effect to do
string weaponinfo
string script_hidden // the thing which is hidden and appears later (mortars)
string vehicletype
string script_personality // This guy will use this personality type
string script_squadname // squad (spawner cluster) identifier
string script_namenumber // generic identifier
string script_commonname // additional generic identifier
string script_nodestate // generic identifier for nodes
string script_assaultnode // generic identifier for nodes
string script_team // how to know which team a tank is on (needed to free up target/targetname for radiant linkability)
string script_mortargroup // to group mortars with their triggers
string ambient // String index of the level.ambient_track to play on this trigger.=======
string script_flaktype // set to tank or air to tell the scripts which set of animations to play
string script_waittill // set on a friendly_chat trigger to make it wait for an event before waitting for other requirements
string script_animation // If defined, patrollers will play a random pause animation at this node.
string script_favoriteenemy // used in burnville to set the second floor grenade throwing guy to have the player has his favorite enemy
string script_gameobjectname // Preston: Used in multiplayer to identify entities which are deleted if not allowed by the gametype.
string script_objective_name // Used in Retrieval multiplayer gamemode to specify an optional name for an objective.
string script_topfloor // Z: used for elevators in the dam
string script_bottomfloor // Z: used for elevators in the dam
string script_sound // Plays level.scr_sound ["string"]
string script_animname // Animname for a friendly to do a friendly chat thing
string script_firefx // Fx to play infinitely from a used exploder
string script_earthquake // References level.earthquake variables to do an earthquake
string script_presound // To play sounds on exploders before the explosion, for pathfinder only
string script_ender // Stop a looping effect
string script_firefxsound // Looping sound for an exploder firefx
string script_enable // Generic: used by loop_spawner to start/stop spawning of named targets
string script_disable // Generic: used by loop_spawner to start/stop spawning of named targets
string script_kill // Generic: used by loop_spawner to permanently stop spawning of named targets
string script_endonstring
string script_startnotify
string script_followmode
string script_flak88
string script_skilloverride
string script_bctrigger
string script_aigroup
string script_objective_active // used with flood_and_Secure and "friendlychain"s to only be active if this objective
string script_objective_inactive // is active

string script_podtype
string script_escape // Spawners and ai grouped for escaping purposes (fleeing to new location upon depleted group strength)
string script_shareTarget // Gives flankers the enemy of the spawners this is grouped with.
string script_flanker // Marks a spawner as a flanker
string script_squad // Group spawners/ai so they share enemy information
string script_squadmove // Group spawners/ai so they share enemy information and do squad move behaviour

string script_area // used by battlechatter system
string script_location // used by battlechatter system
string script_landmark // used by battlechatter system

string script_color // groups AI with nodes/triggers of that color
string script_forcecolor // forces an AI to use all nodes of this color

// Stalingrad
int script_scatter
int script_linked

string script_linkTo // A compound string that is a list of script_linkname'd entities that this entity links to.
string script_linkName
int script_hillgroup
int script_chaintarget

// vehicle stuff
int script_gatetrigger // vehicles will wait at vehicle nodes with this untill the trigger is hit.
int script_VehicleAttackgroup // attacks associated vehicles, if non match attacks it will attack all vehicles on the opposing team by whatever order (think there's some stuff in the attack script that makes it attack nearest).
int script_VehicleSpawngroup // spawns associated vehicles and their aigroups (as still designated by script_vehiclegroup on the vehicles and the ai's)
int script_VehicleStartMove // initiates associated vehicles movement on its path, note that if no script_vehicleStart nodes or triggers exist then the vehicle will stay and wait for the level script to initiate it's movement stacking this with script_VehicleSpawngroup will make spawn and go right away.
int script_vehicleGroupDelete // Deletes associated vehicles and their aigroups (as still designated by script_vehiclegroup on the vehicles and the ai's)
int script_vehiclefocusfiregroup // targets associated vehicles to triggering vehicle
int script_attackai //toggle tanks attacking of ai

int script_attackorgs //grouped to a turret node the tank will point it's turret in that direction.
int script_deathroll //turns on and off deathroll for vehicles crossing paths
string script_lvlmsg // -- to be removed and replaced with node waittill ("trigger",other).. level gets notified with this message when a vehicle hits this pathnode
string script_crashtype //designates a crashpath
string script_crashtypeoverride //override the type of crash a vehicle will do when it dies values are "tank", "mobile"
int script_nomg //makes machineguns not spawn at all on a tank. used for big tank battles where they aren't necessary on all the tanks.
int script_badplace //no badplaces on tanks. for tanks that won't be near ai. on big tank battles.
float script_dronelag //amount of timed space between drones following vehicle paths
int script_fireondrones //toggles machineguns firing on drones behavior

int script_vehicleride
int script_vehiclewalk
int script_unloadmgguy // set this on the halftrack to make the mg guy unload.

int script_vehiclesquad
int script_vehiclesquadleader
int script_vehicledetour
int script_avoidvehicles //setting to 0 on a tank will make it not do collision avoidance stuff
int script_avoidplayer // setting to 1 will cause the tank to perform collision avoidance on the player
float script_playerconeradius // used optionally with script_avoidplayer if you want a cone radius other than 200.
string script_vehicledetourtype //describing how a vehicledetour node works, first non default type being "scriptswitch" which will let the script notify the path to become a switch node. Useful in situations where a tank will fight in circles and then procede on whatever script condition.
float script_attackspeed
int script_vehicledeathgate //a vehicle won't pass this point untill all the associated vehicles have been killed.
int script_vehicledeathswitch //a switch node wont become activated untill all of the associated enemies are dead.. using for reenforcements in 88ridge
int script_unloaddelay // make a vehicle delay this long before unloading. < 1 means never unload

string script_turningdir // set this to the direction of the anim set you want a vehicle to use. "right","hard_right","left","hard_left","forward"
int script_bombmode_original
int script_bombmode_single
int script_bombmode_dual
string script_label
int script_flakaicount //for setting the amount of ai to spawn on a flak
string script_tankgroup // used to add a tankgroup to vehicles.
float script_chance //chance that an exploder will explode, checked every 4 seconds or whatever script_delay is on the trigger.
int script_deleteonpathend

// Duhoc_Assault
string script_boat
string script_rope
int script_forcespawn
string script_deleteai
int script_allowdeath
float script_death
float script_death_min
float script_death_max
int script_drones_min
int script_drones_max
int script_droneStartMove
int script_looping
int script_trace
int script_smokegroup
int script_minspec_level
int script_minspec_hooks_level

// decoytown
string script_layer //using this as and identifier for groups of triggers and spawners to filter stuff by sequence since the player will be able to wander over triggers in a non-linear fashion

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